Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday November 20th

Sorry I haven't been very good at keeping this blog updated.  It has been a crazy week at our house and I haven't had a second to get on the computer.

Thursday was a big day for Finley.  She moved to a crib, because she was able to hold her own body temperature for the entire morning.  She also got to start wearing clothes.  This was a big deal for her mommy who loves to shop.  I had her hospital dresser stocked with cute new outfits. She looks so happy in all of her snuggly new sleepers.

Finley continues to plug away on eating.  She is now botteling 6 or her 8 feedings a day.  She gets the other 2 through a feeding tube.  She has also started to breast feed and is doing great with that.  It is a challenge to make it up to the hospital during her feedings, but one of us tries to be there as often as we can. 

We are thankful for weekends and the fact that this next week is Thanksgiving.  It allows us to be up at the hospital more.  It is not easy having 2 kids at home and her in the hospital.  I am feeling like I am spreading myself thin no matter where I am. 

We hope for Finley to come home shortly after Thanksgiving.  She is a "feeder grower" baby in the Nicu and that is what she has to do to get to come home.  The doctor said she just needs to be more consistant with her feedings, and she has to gain some more weight.  So please keep her in your prayers.  We can't wait to bring the little princess home. 

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  1. So happy Finley is doing so well. Sounds like she will come home, still a tiny tiny baby, but if she is well, you can all be together and not have to spread your time so thin between home and hospital. Have a wonderul Thanksgiving. I read you were bummed about not having your tree up, but God knew you should wait until you move so it is all good! Take care and love to you all! Aunt Carol