Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Little Graduate!

Here is a picture of Noah with his 3 therapist.  Noah has been in the birth to three program since he was about 11 months old.  These 3 amazing women have become a huge part of our lives, and they have helped make Noah into the precious little boy that he is today. We had his 3 year meeting today and found out that he has tested out of services and no longer needs therapy.  It is very bitter sweet for our family.  We are so proud of him, but we will also miss his therapist.  What a wonderful day for our family.  We couldn't be more proud of Noah for how far he has come.  To think that when he was born he weighed 3lbs and 3 oz and couldn't even eat or do anything for himself.  Now he is such a little boy, and he continues to grow more and more everyday.  We love you little man. 

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  1. Hey, that last picture of a therapist, is her name Nikki? she saw Calvin and Kavian some when they were born so early, but, praise God, they didn't need therapy and have no effects of being so preemie. They were 13 weeks early 2 lbs 14 oz and 2 lbs 3 oz!