Saturday, September 25, 2010

Husker Saturday

Shawn is spending a nice relaxing day at the Huskers SDSU game and this is what we are up to at home. 
                   Noah is filling up his car with gas in his underwear.  He is going to love this picture some day.

Playing don't break the ice.

Noah riding around in a pink car in his underwear.

We caught 4 toads.  It was a good night for catching toads.
Joci is obsessed with catching and tourmenting toads.  Poor things.

We miss you daddy.  Have fun at the  game.

More and more and more..... don't break the ice.  (This game consist of me setting the game up for 10 minutes and the two of them hammering as hard as they can to see how fast they can break all the ice. Needless to say I don't love this game!)

Smile!  :)

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  1. Beautiful children. Looks like a great day at home!!!